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Mycotoxins are highly toxic metabolites produced by fungi that pose a serious health threat to humans and animals. They are invisible, tasteless, chemically stable, and can survive high pelleting temperatures and many environmental conditions. Crops may be infested with multiple strains of fungi, and most fungal strains produce more than one type of mycotoxin. Studies have revealed that more than 90% of feed samples contain one or more mycotoxins. If mycotoxins co-occur, their combined toxic effect may be much greater than the summed effects of the individual mycotoxin. Contamination of feed with mycotoxins leads to substantial financial losses. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that losses from mycotoxins average US $1.4 Billion annually in the United States alone.

The direct consequences of mycotoxins-contaminated feed on animals include:

Reduced feed intake.

Feed refusal.

Poor feed conversion.

Diminished body weight gain.

Immune suppression. 

Increased disease incidence.

Reduced reproductive capacities.

Conventional Mycotoxins Binders

Traditional mineral-based mycotoxin binders can reduce the harmful effects of certain mycotoxins; however, these binders are not an all-inclusive answer to all major mycotoxins. Other binders such as the combination of clay minerals and prebiotics offer a more efficient and broad-spectrum effect. However, the efficacy of these binders varies from one product to another depending on the conditions, type of mycotoxins and contamination levels. Thus, the threat of mycotoxins is reduced but not eliminated, and the hidden losses remain.

The livestock industry relies on maximum efficiency and small profit margins; therefore, it is crucial to use a complete solution that eliminates the threat of mycotoxins and their hidden economic impacts on producers.  

Why ZeroTox® Max is the complete solution?

ZeroTox Max

ZeroTox® Max is a high-performing multi-strategic toxin deactivator that uses the latest and most innovative technology to eliminate mycotoxins and enhance animal performance.

ZeroTox® Max Implements Four Strategies

Detoxifying & Biotransformation

A unique combination of proprietary bacteria and enzymes interact with various mycotoxins, such as Zearalenone, T-2 toxin, DON and Fumonisin, to undergo a detoxifying process. This biotransformation process causes changes and degradation to the molecular structure of mycotoxins, leading to loss of toxicity and the formation of safe, non-toxic metabolites.


Mannan oligosaccharides and beta D-glucan along with modified bentonite clay, selectively bind adsorbable mycotoxins. This range of active components ensures the irreversible adsorption of a wide range of mycotoxins, including Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone and T-2 toxin, preventing them from being absorbed through the gut.

Immune Augmentation

ZeroTox® Max biological components eliminate the adverse immunosuppressive effects of mycotoxins, ensuring proper liver function, activating the immune system macrophages, and triggering a cascade of immune events, thus turning the immune system into an arsenal of defence.

Regulating Gut Metabolism

The combined action of probiotics, prebiotics and key enzymes provides essential support to the animal's digestive system by regulating the gut environment, preventing interaction between mycotoxins and pathogenic bacteria and enhancing digestion and absorption.


  •  ZeroTox® Max is a complete solution against mycotoxins with a multi-strategic approach.
  • ZeroTox® Max applies the most innovative technology using multiple bioactive components to deactivate mycotoxins.
  • ZeroTox® Max works beyond controlling mycotoxins.  
  • ZeroTox® Max improves animal zootechnical performance at mycotoxicosis.
  • ZeroTox® Max effectively deactivates challengeable mycotoxins like DON, T2, Fumininsin and, Zearalenone.
  • ZeroTox® Max stimulates mucosal and nonspecific immunity.
  • ZeroTox® Max overcomes mycotoxin intestinal lesions and enhances nutrient utilization. 
  • ZeroTox® Max provides complete protection against polar and non-polar mycotoxins. 



  • A complete solution that covers it all for your peace of mind. 
  • Significantly reduces mycotoxin related fertility problems.
  • Diminishes mycotoxicosis effects and increases profitability. 
  • Improves animal performance, FCR and organ protection.
  • Improve animal immunity and optimizes the vaccination program.
  • Eliminates the adverse effects of mycotoxins on the digestive system and metabolism.
  • Provides complete protection against multiple mycotoxins.

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