Today's livestock and poultry production practices impose cumulative stress on the animals. These stressors increase the production of free radicals and cause oxidative stress. Consequently, the body suffers tissue damage due to this imbalance. As a result, oxidative stressors can compromise the immune and reproductive systems of animals, reducing meat, milk, and egg production, with significant economic consequences. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and improves the animal's overall health status.


Selenium is an essential trace mineral. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and plays a critical role in metabolism, growth, reproductive health and the body's natural defences. It also optimizes the immune system of animals during periods of increased demand. Securing the immune system naturally improves performance, as animals waste less energy fighting diseases. Hence, meeting animals' selenium requirements is one of the critical factors in production efficiency.

In animal production, selenium improves both the growth rate and feed conversion ratio. By supplementing organic Selenium, the level of Selenium increases in muscle, thus increasing antioxidant status. During meat storage, drip loss and lipid peroxidation are reduced, resulting in improved quality and higher yields. There is also a reduction in mortality, which is explained in part by enhanced immunity. Organic selenium supplementation has also been shown to have an anti-viral effect and protect against pathogen damage to the intestine.

Providing organic selenium helps build reserves, which is crucial in the effective fight against oxidative stress. 
BioSeleno -Bag

BioSeleno® is an organic selenium-enriched yeast for all species of animals produced from a specific yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and contains a minimum of 98% of organic selenium. 


Why BioSeleno®?

BioSeleno - Selenium absorption

BioSeleno® production process and quality system ensure that organic selenium is present in high concentrations with a consistent seleno-proteins composition of mainly selenomethionine and selenocysteine. The excellent bioavailability of BioSeleno® allows for better selenium absorption in the intestine and increases selenium levels in the blood. The selenium-amino acid complex in BioSeleno® is easily absorbed into the animal proteins found in meat, milk and eggs.

The excess absorbed selenium is stored in the animal and can be utilized during extreme stress situations or for transfer to offspring or even to humans. The addition of BioSeleno® to animal feed enhances the animal's overall health status through the stimulation of antioxidant defences. This improves immune and reproductive functions, animal performance and animal product quality.


  • BioSeleno® contains a natural source of selenium in the form of L-Selenomethionine.
  • BioSeleno® is Se-enriched yeast with more than 98 % of organic Se.
  • BioSeleno® organic Se mainly consists of Se-Met & Se-Cyst in addition to other Se forms.
  • BioSeleno® prevents free radicals formation.
  • BioSeleno® possesses an advantageous granular physical property.
  • BioSeleno® is produced using the highest quality control procedures and fermentation technology.
  • BioSeleno® is a safe, natural product.


  • Animals absorb, store, and utilize BioSeleno more efficiently than inorganic selenium.
  • Creating a rich food source for human consumption by transferring selenium to eggs, meat and milk.
  • A bioavailable source of Se that is easily absorbed by animal tissue and organs. 
  • Gets rid of free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.
  • Optimal flowability, accurate dosing and ideal mixability.
  • Consistent high-quality and guaranteed analysis from batch to batch. 
  • Natural and safe source of Se for all animal species.

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