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Feed costs play an important role in animal production's profitability. High-fibre feed ingredients can substantially reduce feed costs; however, adding these ingredients makes the diet more nutritionally complex. The Increase in fibre and protein anti-nutrients, as well as providing more indigestible protein and amino acids, can lead to reduced animal performance and increased environmental pollution.

In addition, the inclusion of grain by-products in the diet also reduces the inherent digestibility of dietary protein, amino acids, and starch levels. Due to these challenges, the animal increases endogenous secretions, which raises its maintenance energy and protein requirements. The harmful effects posed by these factors can outweigh the economic benefits of incorporating low-cost by-products into feed formulations.

Many characteristics should be considered when choosing an ideal feed cost-reduction solution:

  • High enzyme activity of energy-sparing enzymes and other endogenous enzymes that are insufficient in young animals.
  • Synergism between multiple digestive enzymes.
  • Multiple bacterial and or fungal enzyme fermentation sources to deliver optimal activity.
  • Enzyme activity along the different gastrointestinal tract pH.
  • A declared activity of each claimed enzyme.
  • Matrix value to maximize the benefits when applying the least cost reformulation strategy.
  • Heat stability.

The optimized multi-enzyme combination in Fullzyme® Ultra meets the current market needs.

Fullzyme Ultra Bag

Fullzyme® Ultra is a multi-enzyme solution with high activity that works synergistically to improve digestion and absorption and achieve maximum performance and profitability.

Why Fullzyme® Ultra?

Fullzyme® Ultra reduces feed cost by maximizing feed digestibility and optimizing nutrient availability. The mixture of endogenous enzymes like protease, lipase and amylase enhances the animals' digestion at an early age to fulfill the gap of insufficient endogenous enzyme activity. On the other hand, exogenous non-starch polysaccharides enzymes break down antinutritional factors in feed raw materials and prevent viscosity. As a result, Fullzyme® Ultra maximizes digestion and utilization of feed carbohydrates, protein and lipids.

Biofeed's enzymes are produced using multiple sources of fungal and bacterial strains. Each enzyme is processed in separate fermentation tanks to ensure a higher purity and activity.


  • Fullzyme® Ultra increases animal performance and fuel growth. 
  • Fullzyme® Ultra is extracted from five sources of bacterial and fungal strains using innovative high-fermentation technology.
  • Fullzyme® Ultra reduces viscosity and its consequences which is the result of a high grain-based diet.
  • Fullzyme® Ultra is highly active against soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans.
  • Fullzyme® Ultra has a low inclusion rate.
  • Fullzyme® Ultra fits all types of feed.


  • Reduce feed cost and increase profitability.
  • Improve nutrient digestion and allow the use of alternative and unconventional cheaper feed raw materials.
  • Release more nutrients and overcomes the cage effect phenomena in a grain-based diet. 
  • Optimize the benefits of using endogenous and exogenous enzymes along different pH in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Very effective and cost-saving.
  • Provide a sustainable approach to meet increasing demands.
  • Versatile in use.

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