Fullzyme® PHY

Unlike carbohydrase enzymes which function to liberate additional energy from vegetable feedstuffs, the primary function of phytase is to liberate available phosphorus through the hydrolysis of phytate-bound phosphorus.

Plant-based phosphorus is largely indigestible (varies by ingredient, but generally less than 50% digestible) to poultry due to the fact that it primarily exists in the form of phytate-bound phosphorus (only 30% available phosphorus). The indigestibility of phytate-bound phosphorus is a consequence of its chemical structure. In addition, phytate-bound phosphorus has a strong negative charge, which makes it capable of forming further complexes with several dietary minerals, protein, fat and starch, which carry a strong positive charge, thereby reducing the availability of both phosphorus and the other nutrients. To access the phosphorus contained in the molecules, animals need phytase enzyme activity. 

Fullzyme PHY bag

Fullzyme® PHY is a new-generation thermostable 6 - phytase derived from E. coli and specifically developed to increase digestibility of phytate-bound phosphorus contained in swine and poultry diets.

Why Fullzyme® PHY?

  • Thermostable 6 - phytase with high matrix value.
  • High activity at low intestinal pH.
  • Fast-acting in the digestive tract to release phosphorus.

Fullzyme® PHY is capable of breaking the ester bonds linking the phosphates in phytate-bound phosphorus, thereby allowing the animals to utilize more of the phosphorus contained therein. In addition, the other minerals bound to the phytic acid, such as calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals, are also released for absorption. 

Fullzyme® PHY has proven to enhance phosphorus absorption and performance in both pigs and poultry. The high heat stability of Fullzyme® PHY allows it to maintain its activity after the feed pelleting process. It has also been shown to produce more cost-effective outcomes at levels higher than typical inclusion rates, allowing for more reductions in inorganic phosphate supplementation rates for more cost savings.


  • Delivers high and consistent phytase activity at a wide range of gastric pH
  • New-generation thermostable 6 - phytase derived from E. coli
  • Reliable matrix value 
  • Replace inorganic phosphate use. 
  • Fast phytate destruction
  • Optimizes animal performance and reduces feed cost for both poultry and swine


  • Rapidly degrades phytate, releasing more nutrients such as phosphorus, energy and amino acids
  • More bio-efficacious than other commercially available phytases
  • Lowers feed costs and saves feed space without loss of performance
  • Decreases the addition of inorganic phosphate supplementation with 8-6 kg per ton feed
  • Highly efficient in cleaving digestible phosphorus, minerals and nutrients from cereals 
  • Increases performance in pigs and poultry

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