Fullzyme® PRO
Protein degradation by Fullzyme® PRO
Protein degradation by Fullzyme® PRO

Exogenous proteases are becoming more popular in livestock feed to increase the digestibility of proteins. Animals naturally produce proteases in their digestive system. However, young animals have immature digestive systems and cannot produce a sufficient amount of endogenous enzymes necessary to handle the large concentration of protein in their diet. Studies have also revealed that about 20% of crude protein and amino acids are excreted before they are completely digested.

Proliferation of pathogenic bacteria
Proliferation of pathogenic bacteria

The undigested proteins have been shown to favour the proliferation of pathogens such as Clostridium perfringens as it builds up in the lower portion of the intestinal tract and acts as a substrate for the bacteria. High protein concentrations will also lead to increased uric acid in the excreta, which is linked to higher litter moisture, and, consequently, hock, feet and breast lesions. Therefore, supplementing exogenous proteases to improve protein digestion in animal feed is necessary to maximize protein digestion.

Fullzyme PRO Bag

Fullzyme® PRO is a thermostable multi-protease enzymes to optimize the digestibility of proteins in poultry and swine feed, resulting in feed cost reduction and improved performance.

Why Fullzyme® PRO?

Fullzyme® PRO is active throughout the digestive tract, with a pH range adapted to the bird physiology, which means it can cleave peptides almost anywhere. This helps complement the animal's endogenous proteases and ensures that valuable amino acids are available for muscle building and growth.


  • Fullzyme® PRO is composed of different proteases.  
  • Fullzyme® PRO reduces feed cost and increases profitability.
  • Fullzyme® PRO eliminates anti-nutritional factors in soybean meal like trypsin inhibitor.
  • Fullzyme® PRO increases the digestibility of complex proteins in feedstuff. 
  • Fullzyme® PRO reduces ammonia emissions and improves animal welfare.  


  • A broad-spectrum solution for maximum degradation of protein from plant and animal sources.
  • Reduces reliance on soybean as a source of protein and allows the use of cheaper feed ingredients.
  • Improves gut health by reducing levels of undigested protein reaching the hindgut, where it would otherwise act as a substrate for non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Increases amino acids absorption, which improves feed conversion ratio and body weight gain.
  • Reduces ammonia effects such as breast blisters, foot pad dermatitis, as well as respiratory manifestations.

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