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Digestive disorders account for approximately 25 to 33% of deaths in cattle and likely contribute to decreased production performance and efficiency. Maintaining rumen and gut health is vital for production success.

Rumen function

The rumen is a large fermentation vat that contains diverse microbial populations of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. The environment of the rumen is the perfect setting for microbial growth, providing food and excluding oxygen, which is toxic to most rumen microbes. These microbes, in turn, produce enzymes that digest fibre, starch and protein.The enzymatic activity of microbes is especially important for fibre digestion, as the rumen is the only location in the cow's digestive tract where fibre will be digested; the rumen microbes produce the enzymes responsible for fibre digestion. Good rumen function will ensure optimal feed intake and digestion, while poor rumen function can negatively impact feed intake, health and overall cow performance.

However, there is more to cattle digestive tracts than just the rumen. From start to end, the entire digestive tract needs to be in tip-top shape to prevent pathogens in the feed from escaping from the digestive tract. Animal stress negatively affects the gut barrier, allowing pathogens to invade. Some periods of stress in cattle's lives are weaning transportation, feed restriction, acidosis, and excess heat. This period of stress compromises gut health and can result in other diseases, including laminitis, liver abscesses, acute interstitial pneumonia, and inflammation. Maintaining proper gut health can help prevent these diseases and their resulting economic losses.

Livestock producers need a comprehensive solution to prevent digestive disorders and experience fewer immune challenges allowing animals to grow efficiently.
Viva Yeast Max Bag

VivaYeast® Max is a multi-ingredient complex designed as the optimal and most comprehensive solution to alleviate nutritional stress and augment livestock performance.

Why Viva Yeast® Max?

Multiple components for multiple modes of action

Live Yeast

Live Yeast

The majority of the rumen microbiota are anaerobic. Live yeast stimulates oxygen removal in the rumen to create favourable conditions for anaerobic bacteria to grow, thereby optimizing rumen fermentation and digestion. Yeast can also prevent the decrease in rumen pH associated with grain-based diets. By promoting cellulolytic, fibrolytic and other bacteria that consume lactic acid, yeast helps to prevent acidosis.
However, not all strains of yeast are capable of stimulating digestion in the rumen. Biofeed's carefully selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae live yeast strain is proven to stabilize rumen pH, support overall rumen function, and positively influence animal performance.

Yeast culture

Yeast culture

Yeast culture contains the yeast and the fermentation medium in which they were grown. It is recognized to increase fibre digestibility, total VFA production, and microbial protein synthesis, decrease lactate accumulation and methanogenesis, and improve ruminal pH parameters. It is rich in fermentation products composed of numerous functional metabolites that are biologically active such as  (proteins, peptides, antioxidants, organic acids, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals), beta-glucans, and mannan oligosaccharides. These bioactive compounds work synergistically to support immunity and health and stimulate the activity and number of cellulolytic bacteria and protozoa. Therefore yeast culture helps increase dry matter intake, milk yield, ruminal pH, VFA concentrations, and organic matter digestibility.

Yeast Cell Wall 

Mannan oligosaccharides
Beta Glucan

The yeast cell wall contains two main components, which are mannan-oligosaccharides and β1.3-β1.6 D-glucan. Mannan oligosaccharides stimulate specific microbial populations in the rumen while binding rumen bacterial endotoxins such as Lipopolysaccharides. In addition, mannan-oligosaccharides bind gut pathogens, thereby preventing attachment and colonization of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. Mannan-oligosaccharides can be as effective as antibiotics in reducing fecal pathogen counts. On the other hand, β-glucan modulates the natural immune response, activating phagocytic cells and subsequently increasing their ability to fight pathogen infections. β-glucan can enhance the response to an acute immune challenge, thus improving the chance of recovery. Yeast cell wall components play an important role in reducing the negative impact of heat stress, improving milk yield, enhancing immune status, and reducing the incidence of mastitis and somatic cell counts.



The unique strains of active bacteria have been proven to enhance rumen conditions and improve dry matter intake, feed efficiency and weight gain. They work by blocking the growth of pathogenic organisms, stimulating the immune system through the secretion of bacteriocin and modulating microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the unique bacteria enhance nutrient intake and digestibility, milk production, feed efficiency and immunity.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes

The digestive enzymes improve the nutrient supply of ruminal fungi and bacteria, resulting in higher ruminal fungal and bacterial growth and activity. The enzymes also positively affect the branching of the fungi through the roughage and on the cell walls in the rumen. The ruminal fungi are important for the rumen's neutral detergent fibre (NDF) degradation. Moreover, the fungi are also re-releasing digestive enzymes and function as a junction area for the beneficial ruminal bacteria. This includes the fibre-degrading bacteria and the lactic acid-degrading bacteria by which rumen acidosis can be prevented. All this ensures better fibre (NDF) digestion and higher dry matter intake. However, this is not the only advantage. Also, protein digestion, microbial protein production, fatty acid production and nutrient absorption will be improved using VivaYeast® Max selected enzymes. Subsequently, it has been proven to result in higher milk production and animal performance


  • A comprehensive solution in a multi-ingredient complex.  
  • Contains a rumen-specific and metabolically active coated Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain. 
  • Stimulate beneficial rumen bacteria population. 
  • Enhances the growth of cellulolytic bacteria and improves the digestion of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.  
  • Enhance the growth of lactic acid utilizing bacteria.
  • Competes with lactate-producing microorganisms for soluble sugars and idealizes rumen pH.
  • Has a high oxygen scavenging ability that promotes fibre digestion by anaerobic microorganisms.  
  • Supplies nutrients to beneficial microorganisms to increase total bacterial numbers in the rumen.
  • Synergistic interaction of multiple components in immune system modulation. 
  • Binds Lipopolysaccharides.
  • Enhance fungal and protozoa degradation of neutral detergent fibre (NDF).  


  • Complete solution for optimal ruminant digestion and performance.
  • Premium yeast strain with well-proven efficacy and resistance to pelleting temperatures. 
  • Eliminates acute and sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA).  
  • Overcome heat stress conditions and digestion disorders.    
  • Better pH control and rumen stabilization.  
  • Increase milk yield and Meat production.    
  • Better feeding quality which improves total protein, amino acids and growth rates.  
  • Increase average daily weight gain and FCR. 
  • Improve rumen microbial fermentation and digestion.
  • Provide protection from environmental and pathogenic stress. 
  • Diminishes bacterial endotoxin 
  • The key to unlocking greater profitability in a sustainable way.

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